Chargebee’s SaaS suite looks to help clients earn more

Software-as-a- Chargebee, a service provider, has announced a slew of tools geared at assisting businesses in extracting more cash from their customers, as high-growth companies confront pricing pressure and demand in the US economy softens.

Chargebee had completed three acquisitions in the subscription and cash flow management market in the last 18 months: Brightback, numbers, and RevLock, all of which have been turned around for the customer retention suite. Businesses have been hunkering down on client acquisition costs amid concerns about the US economy faltering and venture investors frowning on previously agreed-upon valuations and startups agreeing to raise funding at reduced valuations.

The tool assists organizations in focusing on retaining existing clients at a time when both firms and consumers are being forced to assess everything in their portfolios and make difficult decisions, according to co-founder and COO Rajaraman Santhanam.

“We’ve all heard that it’s much more difficult to recruit new consumers than it is to keep existing ones. Our innovative products assist businesses in retaining customers and maintaining cash flow “He explained. However, in the short term, all organizations may need to thoroughly examine their foundations, according to Siva Rajamani, CEO of sales automation platform Everstage.

“Companies will have to rethink their marketing spends in the near term as they wait to see how American businesses decide to spend.” However, Indian SaaS entrepreneurs say the bet is still strong on the country’s SaaS ecosystem on its stable fundamentals high margin, and software goods that are marketed through Internet-based marketing channels.