Don’t Show Up Empty-handed' and Other Tips for Finding the Right Job at a Startup

Working at a startup is like building the jet engine while you’re flying the plane.

Plenty of books, online searches, and many more sources offer advice on how to start a business, interview for a job, or develop a career but never about how to find the right job at a startup. Listening to and reading about all the success stories can serve as an inspiration but never tell you about the right things and tips on how to find the perfect and the right job at a startup. So, let’s discuss a few of the tips and things you need to know about:

Build a list of startups to begin marketing yourself- if you wait for startups to find you, you won’t ever get found. You need to convince people that you can become an entrepreneur. This can be achieved when you don’t limit yourself by applying for jobs, demonstrating your communication skills, and marketing skills in researching add the values.


    Know that your resume won’t get you hired– that doesn’t mean that don’t need to have a perfect one ready, but they are more interested in finding the real you. It’s about the positive and the real you that will attract them and not
something that everybody makes up.

    Prepare thoroughly by studying the company– learning and using their product or services in advance helps you to make an impact. The startups are keener to know about the area in which they can improve rather than hearing at their product or service is amazing. Pitching your ideas makes them believe that you care about how to make their company better.



 Be persistent but not annoying – use social media to identify people to target. Send emails that are short and direct without thinking of writing a novel in the email as these startups are busy, they tend to read the ones that are short and attractive.

Network with people- startups generally tend to hire by referral i.e., they take the word of some they tryst as a candidate is worth talking to. So, cultivate a robust network of people who like and respect you to get into the door.

Rehearse your story– before going into an interview, think about all the questions and answers, and examples you can give about how you’ve handled problems in the past, or how you demonstrate your leadership skills and how can be useful for their company, what new can you give them that others can’t.