For the current FY, Yes Bank aiming at 15% loan growth: Prashant Kumar

“For the current financial year, we are seeking growth of 15% on the loan side, where retail, MSME, and medium-sized firms would gain more than 25%, and for the large corporation, we are targeting a growth of around 10%.

When we have the framework in place and the winning bidder has submitted a bid that is more than Rs 11,183 crore, the bank would be able to shift the majority of the NPAs in that ARC. After we have the mechanism in place, the bank will be able to move most of the NPAs in that ARC, leaving it with a gross NPA rate of 1.5–2% at the end of the fiscal year

The second element would unquestionably relate to managing the bandwidth that is currently being used for recovery and resolution and that will be completed later on in the ARC process.

Once this is gone, even the bank’s duty to maintain the priority sector would be reduced, adding to our bottom line. We would receive over 80% of it in the bank after the successive recoveries to the ARC.

Even if the carrying value of the SR is lower than Rs. 6,500 crores, in my opinion, it won’t be a problem because we will continue to receive recoveries, which will offset the need for the SR’s further provisions.

We are confident in the recoveries from this ARC because if we consider that this agreement represents 135 percent of the net carrying value of the NPAs in our books, it also indicates that this is discounted given that the recoveries would take place over a two- three-year timeframe.


The entire $1 billion that we plan to raise during the current fiscal year would be CET; it is not a debt in any way. If we are unable to raise funds by the first half, it’s not like we would be unable to expand.