How to get pre-seed funding

It might sometimes be nerve-racking for founders to find the right investors for their startups in the pre-stage round. Your key principle is to have your finances organized and have a clear business plan that will be used by you in the future. Here are some of the tips that you’ll be required for the pre-seed funding stage:

     1) Build your pitch deck

For raising capital at any stage in funding you need to have a proper pitch deck. The Pitch deck tells investors all about what they need to know before investing in your startup. it contains all the important information about your startup, the product, the market, and your financial projections for the near and long term.

     2) Make an investor list

Not every investor will provide your startup with the funding. But by leveraging your business connection to find investors you can ease your journey. There are plenty of ways by which you can sort out the investors like type, experience, funding, expertise, and integration. What matters the most is that in this stage investors generally show concerns about your product or services so instead go beyond!

     3) Present to investors 

The first impression is the last impression! Well, the same goes for investors. Presenting your company to the investor should be a concerning task. Here are some great tips for first funding that you’ll need to nail your pre-seed investors:

·       Keep your presentation simple

·       Interact genuinely

·       Know about your investor

·       Be ambitious and realistic

·       Show off your charisma and demonstrate your passion

     4)  Negotiate for success

Negotiation is one major hurdle you need to overcome while asking for funds. Avoid taking the first offer from your investor and haggle over any equity stake or proposed investment amount. While it’s exciting to the offer, think twice before you say yes!

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