Instagram, and Facebook Messenger DMs down for several users globally

Abstract: Instagram and Facebook messenger DMs are down for several users globally and people have started reporting the issue.

With more than 1.2 billion users, Instagram is the world’s largest social networking service; however, users report difficulties with receiving and sending messages through Facebook Messenger on the platform. Instagram and Facebook Messenger direct messages are disappearing for users after they have been sent, according to multiple reports on social media platforms. The problem has been constant for more than 12 hours and is still not resolved.

The issue came into notice on July 5 at 8 PM and the problem of disappearing DM shares has been persistent till July 6 morning. Still, l there are some users who are facing the problems, and Meta has not spoken up about this issue yet.

A lot of users are taking the issue to social media to complain about how they have been facing trouble while messaging on these meta-owned platforms.

According to complaints, for some users, Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger messages disappear as they are sent as DMs. As of writing this report, the issue has yet not been fixed.

According to the website services status tracker Down detector, Instagram reports have been coming in since around 8 PM on July 5 and have continued till right now, July 6 morning. Down detector shows two peaks out outage reports, one at 11:18 PM on July 5 and the other at 10:18 AM on July 6. Similar issues were also reported with Facebook Messenger.

A meme fest broke out on Twitter as users vented their frustrations. The #instagramdown has also been trending on Twitter ever since.

This is only a partial outage though. At least for Instagram, all the other features on the app are working perfectly with no other complaints coming in for the rest. Meta is yet to issue any official communication regarding this issue so we don’t know when it might be fixed.