It takes an ecosystem to raise a successful start-up

Everything needs a friendly environment to grow. Even a startup needs a particular environment to grow itself into a successful venture.

An entrepreneurial ecosystem is a network of interconnected people, organizations, and bodies that facilitates and supports entrepreneurial activity. This ecosystem provides resources – money, people, markets, and infrastructure – to start-up businesses within an open, inclusive culture with supportive policies and leadership.

A healthy environment matters

Startups do not exist in a vacuum and cannot exist in one. They are born in a specific context as components of a much larger entity – a network, a system – than themselves. A community of people, organizations, and other startups surrounds entrepreneurs that make an ecosystem. We refer this to as a startup ecosystem.

An ecosystem for a startup needs to be healthy. In a healthy environment, a start-up grows healthy.


The environment comprises the people working in it. It is a team that makes an ecosystem of a company. If the people connected with the company are collaborative, positive, and healthy then the company’s growth will increase may folds. If the staff of the company is not collaborative then survival of a start-up is impossible.

Benefits of an entrepreneurial ecosystem

The ecosystem improves the chances of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs, potential investors, suppliers, and partners through events and activities. An ecosystem can provide access to customized financial, legal, or IT solutions for young entrepreneurs starting out in hospitality-related industries.

 An ecosystem is important in every aspect of life. The ecosystem a child grows in decides its health and success. Likewise, a startup gets success when operated in a healthy ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem brings healthy fruit to the entrepreneur with much more benefits. All it needs is a collaborative team of like-minded people.