J K Rowling: From Failure to Unimagined Success

About J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling was born in the Cottage Medical Center in Yate on July 31, 1965—a date that holds special significance for Potter heads—and is 56 years old as of this writing. She came from an entirely typical middle-class home and had a sister named Dianne who was two years her junior. Joanne quickly started her training. She always felt the strain of coming from a middle-class background and developed into an honest student. Despite her early aspiration to become a maker, she was forced to choose French Classics as her higher-level study at Exeter University despite her best efforts.

Career and struggles of J.K Rowling

Real success follows a series of setbacks. Likewise, Rowling experienced the same thing. She struggled with many challenges and relative poverty when she penned her debut book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” Her professional life wasn’t great because she constantly had to overcome obstacles. While awaiting a late train in 1990, she had the concept for the characters. Additionally, it took her seven years to turn her ideas into a tale and have it published. The series’ first installment was released in 1997.

During this time, the great author grappled with several challenges, which finally caused the story to be delayed. She relocated to Portugal in 1992 to work as an English teacher, where she later married Jorge Arantes. They had a daughter, but she and he quickly filed for divorce. She was ultimately in poor condition as a result of the couple’s separation. Rowling was a single mother, divorced, and unemployed at the time. The worst time in her life occurred during that time. She was identified as having clinical depression and had considered suicide. But she always managed to bring light into a dimly lit space. She so kept on writing Harry Potter.

Rejections before success

Rowling finished the first draught of her book’s manuscript in 1995, but she lacked the funds to self-publish it. She contacted 12 prominent magazines, but they all turned down her Harry Potter manuscript. She persisted in pursuing additional publications nonetheless and didn’t give up. Her efforts paid off when a modest publication agreed to publish 1000 copies of Harry Potter. The seven-volume book was released between 1997 and 2007. Finally, the book received numerous honors, including the British Book Award and the Nestle Smarties Book Prize for the year’s best children’s book. In 73 different languages, 500 million copies of Harry Potter had been sold as of 2013. And finally, a movie series based on the novel made a billion dollars. She has also consistently been listed as one of the highest-paid authors in the world.

Awards and Honors

For her acclaimed Harry Potter books, JK Rowling has received numerous honors. It has received numerous British Book Awards, including two for the first two volumes, Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets, which were awarded Children’s Book of the Year. For the Whitbread Book of the Year, Prisoner of Azkaban was a nominee. In addition, Rowling earned the Novel of the Year award for the sixth book, Half-Blood Prince, and the Hugo Award from the World Science Fiction Convention for the book Goblet of Fire.

Her alma mater, the University of Exeter, as well as other universities have all awarded her honorary degrees.