Marketing tips you need to know for startup

 The bitter truth about starting a startup is that it will fail in the first year due to low funds and bad marketing strategies. 

Unless you’re lucky and have enough capital to invest in the marketing of your startup, you don’t have a great deal. So, what you need is some tips on a low budget as a startup to successfully boon your marketing strategies and let people know about your product and services.

1.    Sell benefit, not comparison– the first you need to know is how to highlight yourself in the market. There are three ways to do so:

·       Cost- you should know how to price your product or service better than the competition you have.

·       Quality- tell everyone why your product or service is better than others.

·       A combination thereof- tell people you offer the better value.

2.    Market your product before it’s ready
Some startups wait until their product is picture perfect before they do marketing. Which is indeed a costly mistake. It’s better to do preemptive advertising of your product, and let people know your potential as it creates
the excitement in people to try new and better products.

3.    Use social media and ensure quality content– considering the current situation, the best way to tell the world about your product or services is through social media. The more you go for digital advertising the better. Hiring a team for social media marketing can act as a cherry on top. Make sure to improve your Google ranking too. Post content in a perfect algorithm according to the platform you’re posting on.

4.    Attend events– though we live in a digital world, networking with people still serves as the principle of advertising. Make sure to identify events in your startup and take time to introduce yourself to the world. Not only attending but also co-sponsoring an event can help you to advertise your brand.

5.    Giveaways– a great way to attract customers to your product or service nowadays is by creating a contest and giveaways. Attracting and contacting young influencers to let people know about your product and service is also one way of marketing. Placing special discounts and coupons helps to attract more people.