Mind Over Money: Siddarth Bhamre highlights 5 things cycling teaches investors to keep mentally fit

For most of us, cycling was our first love as kids, and it is your passion for you. Cycling is a sport or a hobby that we all enjoyed as kids and participated in, but as adults, it might be difficult to pick up. My involvement in a weekend cycling group was initiated when the company that owns a bicycle shop enrolled me in it.

They would take me cycling in the dreary winter months, and that is how I first became interested in it. “One needs to enjoy what one does, and if you love trading, if you love investments, then you will be good at it,” says the research head. “Mind over Money: How cycling keeps this research head mentally fit. Cycling provides you a sense of control: Loving what you do is important, but that is only the beginning.

Cycling makes you feel in control and gives you a sense of independence, which is why I believe that you are the engine in cycling and that when you know how to ride a bike by yourself, you feel free. When it comes to trading or investing, control and flexibility are key. Cycling fosters patience since it requires you to be patient and go slowly. Cycling has taught me that you will get there and you will get there in the greatest way possible. Cycling all those kilometers used to cause a lot of physical pain, but your mind was so powerful that you had to finish it that it separated from your body.

Cycling is a great approach to achieving the emotional detachment that will undoubtedly benefit you in trading and investing. Cycling can help you manage your time and resources. This brings me to my final point, which is how crucial it is to manage your time and resources. You must travel sparingly and in an environment with limited resources. Rome was not constructed overnight, and the same is true of your portfolios. Cycling is a great way to learn that riches are not something that can be created overnight.

Are there any other techniques you employ in addition to riding to help you relax or recharge? How often do you engage in regular cycling? On the weekends, I go cycling, and we try to get the most out of it. Along with swimming and cycling, I believe running is another excellent kind of exercise that may help you unwind. When not in the market, one must distance themselves from it.