Mumbai-based Raise launches new learning platform Upsurge

On Wednesday, Mumbai-based Raise Financial Services announced the introduction of Upsurge, a financial learning platform designed to make it easier to learn about markets, comprehend finance, and manage finances.


The Surat-based e-learning platform Valuationary, which Raise purchased in April of this year, created and runs Upsurge. Raise said in a statement on Wednesday that it will use Upsurge to develop compelling learning experiences, interactive live sessions, self-learning, help activities, and bite-sized content to encourage financial independence.


As opposed to previous e-learning platforms, Upsurge aims to function as a club for enthusiasts who want to learn about, interact with, and contribute to the creation of a community for markets, money, and finance.

“People seeking information and ideas about money, investment, and finance have shown an unparalleled rise in interest in India.


We are creating a platform called Upsurge that, through interesting courses, hands-on learning, and bite-sized content, makes money and finance simpler “, according to Upsurge creator Pratik Bajaj. The company stated that the acquisition of Moneylicious was part of a plan to introduce a new investment app for casual day traders and long-term investors.


To assist active traders in implementing their trading methods and in creating trading platforms that are tailored to their requirements, Raise has released an API platform this year called DhanHQ. “More and more Indians are attempting to manage their finances independently in recent years thanks to DIY platforms for mobile money management.


At Raise, we are creating a network of consumer financial services, starting with Dhan, a trading and investment platform that is technology-driven “Raise’s founder and CEO, Pravin Jadhav, said. Previously, Jadhav served as the managing director of Paytm Money, the company’s wealth management division. Raise is a technology-driven investment platform with a focus on long-term investors and super traders. It was founded in 2021.