Musk's response to Twitter lawsuit to be made public by Friday

A judge has ordered that Elon Musk’s response to Twitter’s complaint on his effort to back out of a USD 44 billion deal to acquire the social media business must be made public by Friday night at the latest. In a Delaware courtroom on Wednesday, Musk’s attorneys wanted to submit a public copy of their answer and counterclaims.


Twitter lawyers objected that they needed additional time to study and possibly redact Musk’s sealed filing because it “extensively” alludes to Twitter data and internal information provided to Musk. Twitter’s legal team stated that under court regulations, a public version of Musk’s filing cannot be docketed until five working days have passed. Few cases garner as much attention from the public as this one, and Twitter is conscious of the court’s commitment to allowing the widest possible public access to its proceedings, according to a letter from Twitter lawyer Kevin Shannon.


Twitter has no intention of recommending any more redactions to the defendants’ response pleading than are required. Additionally, Musk’s legal team claims that there is no private information in Musk’s application that has to be kept secret. Twitter should not be allowed to continue hiding information that it does not want to be made public, Micheletti wrote. With a bid of USD 54, Musk, the richest man in the world, agreed to buy Twitter and take it private in April.


20 per share, promising to relax the company’s content policing and eliminate bogus accounts. Twitter filed a lawsuit to keep Musk to the “seller-friendly” agreement after Musk said he wanted to back out of the deal in July. According to Musk, Twitter has not given him adequate information regarding the number of phony accounts using its service.


According to Twitter, Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk is attempting to purposefully kill the agreement because the market has deteriorated and the acquisition is no longer in his best interests. If the other party is held accountable for the contract collapsing, either Musk or Twitter would be entitled to a USD 1 billion breakup fee. Twitter wants more, though, and is asking the court to issue a “particular performance” injunction telling Musk to carry out the agreement.