Realistic Ways to Fund Your Startup

This Year Will Be the Year of Venture Capital VS Angel Investors

According to a study, the new businesses over, 94% failed mainly in the operation’s first year. One of the reasons can be the fund lacking. For any such business, money is the bloodline. Yet, the long painstaking but exciting journey from idea to turning to revenue generation. Now, when would you need funding is largely up to the type and nature of the business. Do research venture capital VS, angel investors, before pitching for finding one that mostly aligns with the business. After realizing the requirement for fundraising, below distinctive finance availability sources are mentioned.

Venture capital

They are professionally managed funds that chiefly invest in companies that have potential at a huge level. Usually, they invest in a business against equity and also exit when there is an acquisition or an IPO.


Venture capitals offer mentorship and expertise and act as a litmus test of where the going of the organization is taking place the business evaluation is done from the scalability and sustainability point of view. For small businesses, its investment might be appropriate that are beyond the phase of startup and revenue generation is already done.

Angel investment

Angel investors are people with surplus cash. Also, a keen interest in upcoming startup investing. Also, they work in the network’s group to screen collectively the proposals even before investment. They can also provide advice or mentoring alongside capital.

Angel kinds of investors aid in starting up several prominent companies comprising Yahoo, Alibaba, and Google. This alternative investing form usually occurs in the early growth stages of the company. Along with up to 30% equity expectation by investors. In investment, they prefer taking more risks for higher returns. 


It can be concluded that there are probably outside capital sources needed for growing fastly. If the bootstrap is done and for too long remains without external funding, then a person might fail for taking market opportunities advantage. There is a need to be prepared for investing in small business venture capital VS angel investors. The perfect investment pitch requirement is always there.