“There is more to Startups than Technology.”

Tech is symptomatic of most technologists who get a ‘kick’ out of fixing technical trouble and presume a ready market is waiting for their solution. The fact, lamentably, is a long way from it. Beginning to remedy a situation without paying attention to the ‘voice of the consumer’ is a guaranteed recipe for failure. this is in no manner to undermine the brilliance and technical talents that the person and the crew can also have in constructing an excellent service or product. 

But technology is not everything a startup needs to succeed or start over. There are more things essential to a startup than technology, such as:


Startup funding

Once in a while, companies get hold of a notable deal of investment – perhaps this will be the component for success. nicely funded corporations simplest accounted for an insignificant 14% achievement ratio.


commercial enterprise model

It is always essential to recognize if the agency has a clear path to generating revenues. But the invoice mentioned that you could start with a business model and create one later. YouTube didn’t have a commercial enterprise model, and neither did Yahoo!. This attribute accounted for a 24% fulfillment ratio.


Startup crew

Maximum experienced task capitalists know that the patron is the authentic fact of a startup’s potential. If an excellent team can adapt to the actual truth of a demanding consumer, perhaps the group is the most accurate indicator of fulfillment for a begin-up? However, amazingly, the startup team also fell short, accounting for a 32% achievement ratio.



Marketplace Timing

42% of the difference between achievement and failure, is correct timing. Other than a first-rate commercial enterprise model, a great team had timing on its face released during the recession while human beings wanted extra cash. Uber also benefited from launching at some point of the recession as human beings (drivers) had been seeking to choose up a little extra money to complement their income.


Be a decisive choice maker

Don’t be afraid to make choices, even if you make a mistake. Making a few errors is sure to occur, and it’s part of walking a commercial enterprise. You have to anticipate it to appear. It’s the reality, you may now and then make errors, and that’s okay. I owe a whole lot of credit scores to our success to the truth that we made decisive decisions, and now and then, they were wrong.