Zoho to hire 2,000 people, expand operations in India, abroad

As it strives to grow in India and worldwide, software-as-a-service industry leader Zoho Corp aims to hire at least 2,000 people in engineering, technology, and product development.

According to Prashant Ganti, head of products, tax, accounting & payroll at Zoho, “We have already started hiring locally and plan to launch up-skilling programs such as Zoho Schools of Learning in these regions as we increase our operations.”

On July 12, it is reported that Zoho has rural hubs in Tamil Nadu and is searching for locations to set up an office in tier 3 and tier 4 towns in Uttar Pradesh.”Villages and smaller towns produce most of the talent in urban regions.

Companies must seize chances in areas where talent is present and make upskilling investments, according to Ganti. According to documents filed with the Registrar of Companies, Zoho, which has its headquarters in Chennai, had an operating income of over 22.

With a net profit for the year of Rs 1,917 – Regarding the company’s objectives for the upcoming fiscal year 2023, Ganti stated that Zoho would continue to combine technology stack. We are also investing in improving our audio and video capabilities, which are now essential for all business operations.

He continued that we are also funding rural revitalization programs in India and working to build the nation’s deep-tech ecosystem. It also intends to enter the market for financial management suites, which Quickbooks by Intuit previously supplied. We aim to assist several businesses looking for a solid substitute and aid them in a smooth transition, added Ganti.